Great Park - Neilson Park

Great Park.jpg

Neilson Park turning on it's Summer charm 

Happy Place - Luna Park

Happy Place.jpg

Luna Park is one of Sydney's institutions

Platooned - Sydney Harbour


Murray Rose Pool near Double Bay is a Sydney Harbour favourite

OpenAir Glare - Mrs Macquarie's Chair

OpenAir Glare.jpg

The OpenAir Cinema at Mrs Macquarie's Chair - complete with one of the world's greatest backdrops

Entrance Gate - South Head

Entrance Gate.jpg

South Head and the City backdrop, highlights Sydney's old and new 

Outside The Square - Neilson Park

Outside The Square.jpg

Some swim inside the net - others don't at Nielson Park

Redleaf Laps - Murray Rose Pool

Redleaf Laps.jpg

Close to the City, but a million miles from care at Murray Rose Pool

Safety Net - Manly

Safety Net.jpg

Early morning laps at Manly

Solo Snorkel - Camp Cove

Solo Snorkel.jpg

A snorkeller takes in the view at Camp Cove

Wheel - Luna Park


A colourful angle of the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park